We offer Overall Outdoor Advertising Industry Training, as well as vertical Sales Training and Site Lease Training. The training offerings can be customized and delivered “On-location” or "Remote", according to your individual or company’s needs. .

Over 200 pages of in-depth and comprehensive Outdoor Advertising documentation 

Industry Manual (PDF Outline)

INCLUDES Industry Financials Tool Kit!

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Looking to BUY or SELL Outdoor

Advertising Assets?


DON'T roll the dice when making buying  or selling decisions.  We provide valuable Buy-side and Sell-side consultation services.  We can help you identify and contact potential buyers or sellers through our established investor and outdoor advertising company relationships.  As part of our acquisition and divestiture services, we'll assist you during due diligence, closing and post-close.


Are your Adverti$ers getting their 

money's worth?

Return On Investment from billboards can be compared to other advertising mediums that also drive X impressions from Y dollars (e.g., newspaper, radio, television).  In order to prove a higher ROI case with your outdoor advertisers, you'll need to convince them that they'll be getting more from outdoor while spending less than they would be spending on other more expensive advertising mediums.  By knowing the conversion rates per thousand impressions, with respect to competitive advertising, you'll be able to show your clients how they can realize additional revenue in addition to a cost savings.  Remember, if you don't your clients' cost per thousand, then most likely, your clients don't know either.

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Billboard Lease 

Acquisition Program


The Billboard Lease Acquisition Program provides property owners the opportunity to capitalize on their billboard leases today.  The billboard lease income and billboard property rights are purchased and assigned, for a lump sum, allowing property owners to collect the current value of their leases.  

The Billboard Lease Acquisition Program offers very competitive valuation, risk management and immediate business capital for unexpected expenses or other investment opportunities. 

To receive a price quote to sell your billboard lease income and property rights, please email us at Info@OutdoorAdExchange.com.


Outdoor Advertising...Online

Document Exchange


Industry-friendly documentation, including Sales proposal, presentation and contract templates, Site Lease instruments, Due Diligence and Closing Schedules and Financial Tools, such as Cash Flow Projections, Revenue Forecasting and Valuation Estimate spreadsheets, are now available for purchase online.


Internet can learn 

from Outdoor Advertising  



"...Its constant presence is what helps build reach and frequency. Multiple locations in the market help build reach, but daily traffic at each of those multiple locations is where the frequency is built." full article



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